Born in the Swiss Alps, at the crossroads of Italian and French cultures, Christophe remains typically Swiss. Atypical designer trained primarily in general mechanics, he has gained strong technical skills useful in his daily activities.

After graduating at the Univesity of Art and Design of Lausanne (ECAL) and have worked some time in London, he design luxury watches, learning the precise drawing of a tenth of a millimeter and subtle understanding of Philosphy and DNA of the different international luxury brands.

But the passion for furniture, for the object is strong. After his early success with his conductor’s baton and Norma chair, winning project at Promosedia 2005, Udine, the chair is produced in London. Then the unexpected dream, the creation of two collections of contemporary furniture for an Italian company and the first sales worldwide. His best creations are always possible thanks to Italy, the reference country for design. This simple fact motivates him to continue his work.

Christophe belongs to the new generation of designers, ethically oriented and trying, whenever is possible to reduce the impact on the environment, rejecting egotistic creations to emphasize the philosophy and DNA of the brands he is working with, focusing on the concept as well on the commercial side of the project. He is aware that design is made for people.

Beyond a meaningless marketing statement, he avoids gadgets and objects that people do not need.

At 37 he works part time and develops its projects as a freelancer in the field of industrial design, luxury and watchmaking and furniture. As an employee he has worked for a wide range of swiss and international brands. As an independent he has worked for Unto This Last, Bodenmann and True Design.