Services and process


Christophe Bourban creates and realizes design projects.

Wether you are a brand, a private client or a start-up, my creativity associated with my technical knowledge allows me to develop timepieces, furniture and everyday life objects, consistent and aesthetically refined.

Contact me and discover how design might contribute to boost your products.

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Whether it is furniture for domestic or for public spaces, ideation, sketches, drawings, 3D modeling and prototyping for validation by the client. Technical development with engineers and stakeholders.

Furniture design for home, office and public spaces, chairs, sofas, lamps, shelves, tables and more.

With almost ten years of experience, I have developed projects for swiss and international luxury brands. Creating new concepts, I specialize within every stages of a watch design. Cases, dials, bracelets, packaging and displays.

Aesthetic monitoring of projects with a keen sense of proportions and details in accordance with the brand’s DNA. Please note that for privacy reasons, the projects are not visible on this website but only by appointment.

Thanks to my education in one of the best art school in Europe and thanks to my technical background in the industry, I have the necessary knowledge to carry out industrial design projects.

Glasses, coffee machines, electronic products, sports and lifestyle products.

We meet, discuss goals, several parameters, the possibilities of the project and the various problems.
Concretely we make meetings, phone calls, exchange emails and define exactly the specifications.

With my external view on the project and my synthesis approach, I propose an original and consistent concept to the client.
Specifically I do general research on the topic, research on existing products, scenarios for future users, ideation and concepts research according to the client’s philosophy, research materials and manufacturing technologies.


Using the conducted research, I develop and propose a serie of concepts the client can choose from.
Specifically, I make hand drawings, CAD drawings, illustrations, 3D digital model, make basic models and rapid prototyping models.


Overlapping with the design stage, working with various partners to develop the project of an industrial manner.
Specifically, the development of 2D and 3D files, manufacturing prototypes with clients, choice of colors, materials and finishes.


Monitoring the product marketing stage and client return on how consumers value the product. Together we bring some changes and sometimes some necessary adjustments.
Specifically, development of sales support such as POS, analysis of the final product, visit to the manufacturers.



True Design, Padova - Italy
Unto This Last, London - England
J.D Bodenmann, Vallée de Joux, Switzerland