Christophe Bourban is a designer based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Born in 1979, Christophe grew up in the Swiss Alps at the crossroads of Swiss, French and Italian cultures.
He graduated from ECAL, the University of Art and Design of Lausanne in 2005. His project of a conductor’s baton has been exhibited in several museums, including the London Design Museum and the Grand Hotel et de Milan.
The same year, with Norma chair, he won the 1st prize award at Promosedia in Udine, Italy.
After completing his studies, Christophe worked in design studios in London and Neuchâtel where he worked for renowned french luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Boucheron.

Then he worked for Rolex in the interior design studio where he notably created perfume bottles and surfboards.
Christophe designed two collections of furniture for the italian brand True Design. He is commited to develop his own design studio in the field of luxury goods and high-end furniture.
His design approach focuses on understanding the values and history of the brand he is working for. His work is equally inspired by natural materials as by industrial manufacturing techniques, both allowing interesting shapes he likes to explore.
His experience extends from industrial design to luxury products, including watches and furniture. He has worked on projects ranging from high-end crafts to industrial-scale production.